Offer your clients online patent, trademark and design renewals online via your website NOW!

If you manage patents, trademarks and/or designs for clients, we can add a white labeled version of our renewal system(s) to your website. The white labeled versions allow you to add your own “renewal premium” to each annuity payment.

How it works:

  • Add a webpage to your website. We will provide code to create an i-frame on your webpage, through which our renewal system will display.
  • When a client accesses your new webpage and instructs a renewal, we will process your client’s payment and effect the renewal.
  • All communications between us and your client will include your details. We will act as your “renewal department” and the client will never stop “dealing with you”.
  • You no longer need to: send out renewal reminders; secure forward cover to cater for fluctuations in annuity currency conversion rates; process renewal payments; or employ persons to administer your renewals.


We do not charge a license fee to add our renewal system to your website. Should a client instruct a renewal, we will process the payment, retain our standard renewal fee and pay your “renewal premium” over to you. We leave the “renewal premium” entirely to your discretion.