About us

Global IP & Consulting FZ LLE is a company registered in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates and licensed to conduct E-Commerce and Business Consultancy.

We specialise in renewal of patents, trademarks and designs worldwide.

Why use the PayAnnuity online IP renewal system?

The PayAnnuity renewal system was developed by Silveria, working closely with S&Z Patent Attorneys.

The PayAnnuity renewal system is safe and accurate.

Where possible, the system double checks information from intellectual property office databases and automates the upload process.

Highlights of our patent annuity system:

  • To input a patent: you insert the patent number; the system shows you an image of your patent and extracts the patent data from public databases. If required, we would be glad to upload your patents for you. Should you upload your own patent, we receive an email with the patent details, which details we double-check against public databases. Note: for security purposes we also receive an email where case details have been edited.
  • The system conducts background checks (e.g. searching for a related PCT patent) to confirm the correct renewal base date.
  • The records are backed up daily and the system runs off Google Cloud.
  • The system has been developed over 10 years.
  • At the beginning of each month, we receive a monthly report of all patents, trademarks and designs falling due for renewal within the next 6 weeks, and we endeavour to contact each affected user to confirm the user’s intention to let the registration lapse.
  • Easily migrate renewals from our system. We do not lock you in.

We are happy to upload your patents and designs for you at no cost. Just email us your registration numbers.

PayAnnuity’s trademark and design renewal systems have been developed on the back of the robust patent annuity system.

The PayAnnuity renewal system manages some of the largest global annuity portfolios .
Our clients include a multinational oil company, universities, a multinational online gambling company, a Nasdaq listed payment processor, pharmaceutical companies, start-up technology companies and individual inventors. Everyone generates the same savings using our system, irrespective of the size of their renewal portfolio.

Our annuity system processes more than 4,000 renewals annually for more than 200 clients.